Dalston CLR James Library building

From 8.00 am to 7.00 pm
Sat–Sun: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


  • Fresh Cherry Tomatoes and a hint of Oregano as toppings for our freshly-baked Italian home-made focaccia.

  • Lella

    Lella is a woman from another century: as much discrete and elegant as you can imagine. Lella and her husband, Giorgio, migrated to Milan in the early ’70 from Taranto, Apulia.

    They have successfully put theirs heart and soul into building a strong and healthy family: The Mastros! They have three kids: Michele, Aurora and Alessia (one of Donna Fugassa’s founders). Michele, the “Precisetti“(as he is always very careful in his job) is an accountant and a dealer of wine cellars. He spends every single minute of his spare time skying in the Dolomites.  Aurora is a psychotherapist, specialised in family issues and eating disorders in minors. She’s started her career very early, when every single person entering the house ended up laying on the couch, telling her (only a teenager at that time) about his personal problems!

    This focaccia is a tribute to Lella’s Apulian roots. The focaccia barese in fact is a bit different from the Ligurian one (thicker) and it has fresh cherry tomatoes as topping, but the dough is very similar.

    Close your eyes and you can smell the scent of the many centuries-old olive trees of Apulia, feel the sun drying the tomatoes on the balcony and making your skin the same color of the gold. Liguria and Apulia are just two different versions of the same paradise: the Mediterranean Sea. Have it together with a fresh salads or alone as Italian merenda.

  • Lella (Alessia's mom) reading La Gazzetta dello Sport

    Lella pictured relaxing with the Gazzetta dello Sport as both Alessia and her brother are big supporters of F.C. Internazionale Milano team – so she keeps herself updated!

  • Lella and Giorgio (Alessia's parents) @ Donna Fugassa