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  • Fine Cooked Italian Ham (Prosciutto Cotto) and original Mozzarella FiordiLatte from Campania in our freshly-baked Italian home-made focaccia.

  • Elena

    Elena, or Nina as we call her, is a dearest friend from Milan, one of these rare gentle creatures from other more enlightened worlds who sometimes are placed on Earth to fill the world with joy and love (no she has no wings, as far as we know). Elena obtained a MA Anthropology of Food at SOAS in 2012 with a thesis on Green Lanes area (North London), its Cypriot roots and the different food identities between the Turkish and the Greek part of the island after the diaspora. Basically where we see dolmades and souvlaki she sees migration trends. We hope she will join Donna Fugassa’s team one day to write about food and anthropology.

    For this focaccia recipe we were inspired by her newborn, the cutest little boy in the world, Ulisse. The soft and very tasty Mozzarella FiordiLatte melts on the simple but fine Italian cooked ham reminding us that sometimes less is more.

    Nina is good toasted or cold, perfect for a day out in the nature, best paired with the last book from JF and your beautiful hamper.

  • Nina reading surrounded by nature, two of her favourite things

  • As soon as Nina realises we have posted this picture she is going to kill us but ehi isn't she ADORABLE?