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Etiquette by Silvia Mercuriali and Ant Hampton

  • Donna Fugassa, as  part of Fügassa & Arts series, is proudly hosting Rotozaza’s first autoteatro piece Etiquette by Silvia Mercuriali and Ant Hampton. Having toured around the world since 2007, the show will now be presented in our location in Dalston Square!

    Show runs for approximately 35 mins and it is intended for 2 PEOPLE. You need to be 2 people to book a slot.
    Here you can book an afternoon or an evening slot. Note that Eventbrite is only for reservations, the ticket must be paid cash on arrival.

    Ticket: 6£ each for a total of 12£ per slot.

    Please contact us if you have any further questions or you need assistance @: maia@donnafugassa.co.uk

    “Etiquette is a half-hour experience for two people in a public space. There is no-one watching – other people in the cafe or bar are not aware of it. You wear headphones which tell you what to say to each other, or to use one of the objects positioned to the side. There is a kind of magic involved – for it to work you just need to listen and respond accordingly. Some say it’s good to do this with someone you know, someone to share this with. Others say it works well with a stranger.

    Etiquette exposes human communication at both its rawest and most delicate and explores the difficulty of turning our thoughts into words we can trust. A young girl and an old man lead the participants into several micro-situations, often borrowed from film or theatre, wherein the private worlds shared between two people split and reform incessantly.

    Following their innovative stage works (Doublethink, Five in the Morning) involving instructions to unrehearsed performers, Rotozaza here invite the audience to try it themselves. Etiquette offers the fantasy of speaking with someone without having to plan what you say, and the resulting thrill of disowning responsibility in a performance situation. Conversation is shown to be a kind of theatre whereby ‘audience’ and ‘actor’ roles are imperceptibly assumed and exchanged.”


    Book the show in English (original and Ghanaian versions), Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Slovene, Hungarian, Polish, Welsh, Croatian and Czech.

    Some information about the artists here:

    Silvia Mercuriali: www.silviamercuriali.com
    Ant Hampton: www.anthampton.com

    artistic production management: Katja Timmerberg

    contact: admin@rotozaza.co.uk

    Original English Version
    funded by Arts Council England with special thanks to Paul Bennun for generous studio support.  (Somethin’ Else).

    co-producers Noorderzon festival 2008.

    co producers Escrita na Paisagem

    co-producers Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin

    Independently produced, translated by Alan Pauls

    Supported by King’s Fountain (Barbara & Henry Pillsbury)

    Produzione in collaborazione con MilanOltre ed Es. Terni

    Produced with the continued support of Paul Bennun (Somethin’ Else), funded by Sasakawa foundation.

    Co-produced by Bunker

    Co-produced by Trafó – House of  Contemporary Arts

    Supported by: Toldi Art Cinema

    Co-produced by Teatromania Festival, Bytom

    Photo credits:
    ©Ant Hampton
    ©Nico Goldberg



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