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  • photo credit: Luca Venturi

    photo credit: Mirko Brunner

    photo credit: Donna Fugassa, Trittico, 2015

    photo credit: Alessandra Spairani

    photo credit: Alessandra Spairani

    photo credit: Alessandra Spairani

    Fügassa is Italian dialect for focaccia which derives from the latin word “focus” (Earth, fireplace).

    Focaccia is a tasty, heart-warming baked loaf that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and at any age. Unlike bread or a a mere side dish it can be eaten as a full meal or just as a snack …depending on how hungry you are!

    People from Liguria, the birthplace of focaccia, have it for breakfast, dipped in a cup of warm milk or cappuccino (an alternative to your morning porridge perhaps?).

    In fact it is embedded in the local culture above and beyond any food trend or marketing formula.


    Our homemade focaccia is prepared following the traditional recipe, using the best quality Mediterranean and local produce.

    Our extra virgin olive oil, white flour and sea salt, mixed with delicious organic and locally sourced toppings, bring the most authentic focaccia to your plate. All our products are made from scratch to deliver the original taste of Italian traditions – we even make our own sauces!

    video credit: Alessandro Mariscalco


    Monday with Fügassa, honest and natural, my “she doesn’t need makeup” babe.

    Tuesday Clara, my old friend that is always there when you need it.

    Wednesday Roberta, The Intense, you always want more.

    Thursday with Claudia my spicy girl.

    Friday is for Bubu, my British lady in the pub.

    Saturday with Armanda, let your hair down!

    Sunday with Olivia, a walk in the park and relax.

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    At Donna Fugassa all of our focaccia are named after a woman.
    These are women who have been important to us or to the people who supported us.
    We asked our partners and friends to choose their favourite focaccia and to name it.
    Mothers, partners, daughters… we want to remember and celebrate the people that are special to us in this way.

    All our focaccia