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  • We are proud to sell the unique Grano Armando Pasta in our store. Grano Armando the first Pasta made with 100% Italian Wheat

    Grano Armando is the first pasta made with 100% Italian wheat from the central and southern regions of Italy, according to the Armando Supply Chain Pact, which aims to look after the wealth of land where the wheat is grown as well as nurturing the dialogue between the farmers and the producer.

    Farmers adhering to the Supply Chain Pact agree to cultivate their wheat according to precise standards set by the Grano Armando to ensure the quality of the raw material and it’s origin.


    Grano Armando is a high quality product (13.5% in protein content), drawn with bronze dye producing its unique texture quality.

    With its wide range of short pasta, of different shapes and sizes, Grano Armando is a staple as well as satisfying even the most expert of consumers, looking for the genuine pasta dish.


    The packaging is designed and produced in the respect of nature using only compostable materials. The paper used is made in accordance to re-forestation programs, printed with plant based ink and free from plastic materials.

    Grano Armando is the first pasta with a “zero impact” packaging.

    The packaging is patented and certified both FSC and CIC.