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Cinema Italia UK

  • Never miss an Italian film again! CinemaItaliaUK is a cultural project that promotes Italian contemporary cinema in the UK. CinemaItaliaUK Artistic Director Clara Caleo Green says: «Our aim is to source new gems and create a regular appointment for Italy-addicted film lovers both in London and in the UK. For the first time, three times a month, Londoners will watch new films – with English subtitles – recently released in Italy and not yet in DVD on the English market. Up to now Italian films were screened mainly during festivals, special occasions and institutional venues such as the Italian Cultural Institute or the French cinema Lumiere; now you can enjoy them at our fantastic venue: Genesis Cinema (East London) and Regent Street Cinema (Central London)». CinemaItaliaUK is kindly supported by The Consulate General of Italy in London, The Italian Cultural Institute, BdB, The Italian Bookshop, Etnacoffee, Donna Fügassa.


  • Clara Caleo Green

    Photo credit: Phocus Collective / Italian Kingdom

    Her involvement with Italian cinema goes back a long time, though she started actively working in the industry in 1996 when she became both Associate Director and Sponsorship Director of Italian Film Festival UK, primarily a Scottish-based festival which she brought down to London in May 1997.

    During her time working with Italian Film Festival UK, she pulled on board some of Italy most prestigious companies. Thanks to her Fiat, Eni, Alitalia, Peroni, Aprilia and others joined a pool of outstanding sponsors, not Italian too such as Caffe’ Nero and Rivercafe’. In 2010 Clara and colleagues created Italian Cinema London, a new version of the festival showcasing Italian films in London. Together they worked on film industry projects in conjunction with Bafta and MEDIA UK. In October 2014 Clara started CinemaItaliaUK Ltd, a company whose aim is to show Italian films not distributed in UK.

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