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Italian bookshop

  • The Italian Bookshop is Britain’s unique specialist bookshop for the Italian community in Britain as well as for all students and lovers of Italian language and literature worldwide. The Italian Bookshop aims to spread Italian culture, the language and literature of Italy and it’s the ideal home for whoever loves Italian literature or would like to get in touch with the Italians and their habits and taste, for whom is missing the language or for people who like to investigate and learn it.

    Here you can find learning material for adult and children education, Italian literature, poetry, theatre, children books, cook-books, dvds and much more.You can join the mailing list to be always up to date with ours events, follow us on twitter and facebook.


    Twitter: @italianbookshop

  • Ornella Tarantola

    Photo credit: Phocus Collective / Italian Kingdom

    She is the Manager and “soul” of the Italian Bookshop. Originally from Brescia, Ornella arrived in London in 1995, thinking of a short stay. Instead she found a life experience that kept her busy for the last four decades, retrieving skills and passion for the written word that are in the Tarantola family DNA, as she always say that her aunt Silvana was her teacher. She thinks of London as her boyfriend: a city with whom you go out for a date, knowing that something will happen for sure.

    In the very bright cultural context of London, Ornella was able to build a strong network earning the title of “Lady Book” and growing as a key figure among many Italian artists who come to town. Among the aficionados of the library there are journalists and writers stationed in London as Enrico Franceschini, Stefano Tura, Paolo Nelli, Simonetta Agnello Hornby and Catherine Soffici; while friends like Federico Spoletti (of “Fred Film Radio”) and Clara Caleo Green (of Cinema Italia UK) widen the horizons to the movie industry.

  • My fugassa