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Italian Kingdom

  • Italian Kingdom is a multimedia project which aims to be “a place for the Italians abroad” Our journey has started 8 months ago when we started knitting a web between Italian people that, at some point, for some reason, has left Italy to move somewhere else in the world.

    Like in a big mosaic we brought together different people, skills, energies and we have created a web magazine, a radio, an online platform where to tell the stories of Italians in the world, enhancing the best of the Italian Community. We aim to give voice to those who got something to say. Building bridges, making links, tailoring any piece of work towards our audience, we gained more than 15.000 followers becoming, in such a short period of time, one of the biggest Italian realties in London.

    Day by day the number of Italians living abroad is increasing.
    We decide to give them a “place to be”. Welcome to Italian Kingdom.